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The acknowledgment of employment contracts (so-called red ribbon) of Filipinos employed in Denmark is a requirement for the issuance of an Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC) by the Philippine Overseas Employment Agency.

The following employers are exempted from the ban on direct hiring of professionals and skilled workers provided that they secure a duly executed verified/authenticated contract by the Philippine Embassy or POLO-London containing terms and conditions over and above the standards set by the POEA:

1.) Members of the diplomatic corps,
2.) International organizations,
3.) Heads of state and government officials with the rank of at least deputy minister;
4.) Employers of professionals and skilled workers. The number of professionals and skilled workers hired for the first time by the employer shall not exceed three (3). For the purpose of determining the number, workers hired as a group shall be counted as one; and
5.) Permanent residents of the host country who are hiring relatives/family members.


  • Personal appearance of employer or person authorized to sign for the company
  • Original and photocopy of passport data page of employer or person authorized to sign for the company
  • For corporation: proof of authority of person authorized to sign for the company
  • Original employment contract
  • Photocopy of passport data page of employee
  • Proof that employee can obtain work permit/long-stay visa
  • Original and photocopy of valid commercial registration and business license notarized in English and legalized by Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Service and expedited fee of DKK262.50 per document, in exact amount, in Danish kroners only. Payment via instant bank transfer preferred. Account details will be provided at the Embassy processing counter on the date of your appearance.
  • Other documents (if required)

Note: Please bring all requirements including the requisite photocopies when submitting documents.  There are no photocopying services in the Embassy.

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