Welcome to the Philippine Embassy

Consular Services Online Application System

Information and Instructions


  1. Consular services can only be applied for online. 
  2. Release of documents (except for passports) and bank payment of fees shall be made personally upon appointment with this system.
  3. This system allocates slots on a first come, first serve basis.
  4. Applicants are responsible for the accuracy and correctness of the information they provide.
  5. The information provided will be kept highly confidential.
  6. If applying for more than one service, please choose only the main service and indicate the additional services to be applied for.
  7. If applying for other members of your immediate family, please secure a separate booking.
  8. Applicants are allowed to reschedule or cancel their appointments up to 24 hours before their scheduled appointment.
  9. Appointments are non-transferrable.
  10. Applicants who do not appear during their appointed date and time shall forfeit their appointment and should apply again.
  11. Forms can be downloaded here.

Proceed to online application


STEP 1. CHOOSE THE CONSULAR SERVICE YOU WISH TO AVAIL OF. If applying for more than one service, please choose only one main service.

STEP 2. CHOOSE DESIRED APPOINTMENT DATE AND TIME AND CLICK “CONTINUE”. Online booking allows at least 3 working days before appointment.

STEP 3. FILL-OUT THE REQUESTED INFORMATION (FIRST NAME and LAST NAME, as indicated in the passport, PHONE AND EMAIL). Please ensure to input correct information.

STEP 4. UPLOAD ALL REQUIRED DOCUMENTS. Please prepare all documents for uploading. Requirements can be found at the Embassy's website.

STEP 5.  CLICK "SUBMIT APPLICATION". Your application and supporting documents will be evaluated by a consular officer.

STEP 6. You will receive by email either:

  1. A confirmation of your appointment, if your application and documents are complete and sufficient, or
  2. An advise to complete the requirements, if your application and documents are incomplete and/or insufficient.

Your appointment will be secured only after all requirements are sufficient and complete. 

If your documents are still insufficient and incomplete two working days before your appointment date and time, this may be changed.

STEP 7. Please go to the venue on the appointed date and time and bring all required documents and payment (instant bank transfer).

ONLY complete and sufficient documents will be processed and released during your appointment time (except for passports which will be released after at least 6 to 8 weeks).

Proceed to online application